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Tips for Great Sex | Ideas, Toys, & More

Tips for Great Sex

For many, it’s hard to imagine sex being any better. But for others, it’s hard to see how much worse it can get. Either way, there’s always room for improvement with both partners. Plus, with improved technique comes maximum pleasure and satisfaction, and that’s what this is all about, right? Simply put, there’s always something new you can try to improve you and your partner’s sex life—you just need the right tips.

Here at Pleasure Planet, we know sex. While we specialize in sex toys, we also know some key tips for great sex, and our toys can only enhance the entire experience. So, if you’re ready to give your partner the best sex they’ve had, and enhance it for yourself as well, take a look at our sex tips below.

15 Naughty Tips for Great Sex

 From trying sex toys and foreplay to trying new positions, you can switch up things in the bedroom in a variety of ways. Keep in mind, however, you may find the process to be a lot of trial and error. While some tips work for certain couples, they may not satisfy others. If something sounds intriguing, give it a shot—you may find it’s all you needed for enhanced pleasure! Now, take a look at some simple tips below:

  1. Bring a vibrator into the mix. Whether used in foreplay or to provide extra stimulation during intercourse, vibrators are an easy way to heat things up.
  2. Encourage each other with positive reinforcement. If you like something, tell your partner so they know to keep it up. You can even slip some dirty talk in there for more of a turn on.
  3. Consider watching porn. While most women aren’t turned on by most porn content, many productions today cater to the women, even making “porn for women”. It’s a real treat for the guy, plus, it gives great ideas for new positions.
  4. Porn aside, try a new position each time you have sex. It keeps things refreshed and who knows, you may discover your new favorite position.
  5. Keep the clothes on! Whether it’s keeping a skirt on or strictly unzipping, keeping clothes on gives a sense of immediacy that’s sure to turn things up a notch—as if not to get caught!
  6. Of course, we can’t forget role play. Whether you want to reenact your favorite romantic scene or try a perfect strangers type of scenario, there’s plenty of roles you can take on to reignite the flame.
  7. Tease yourselves! During foreplay, allow for quick penetration, then go straight back to foreplay. Not only will it get your fully fired up, it’ll also make the full intercourse that much more anticipated and rewarding.
  8. Get out of the bedroom for a trip around the house. You’d be surprised by how many surfaces at your place are perfect for pleasure. From the washing machine to the coffee table, work those new positions mentioned above into a new location.
  9. Consider using a cock ring. They’re simple to use and provide pleasure for both partners. Plus, they come in several variations for increased satisfaction.
  10. Make eye contact during oral! All men can agree, eye contact adds a lot to oral pleasure. In other words, it’s often a huge turn on.
  11. Start it off in public (but be careful!). Whether you’re out on the dance floor or trying a new bikini on in the fitting room, get extra touchy. From bumping and grinding to initiating foreplay, you can do plenty to turn each other on before racing home to finish the job.
  12. Can’t wait to get home from work and get busy? Throw some sext messages each other’s way while you wait for the clock to strike 5. Tell your partner what you’re going to do them or head to the bathroom for a quick naughty pic. By the time you both get home, you’ll be more than ready for intense sex.
  13. Start things out nice and slow. A strip tease is a great way to do so, leading up to a sensual lap dance before stripping your partner’s clothes and getting to business. Put your favorite song on and show them what you’ve got!
  14. Try creating some sexy code lingo, which is great for when you’re in public and want to get home for some fun. The simple lines, “Let’s grab one more drink” could be code for “let’s get home and drink each other.”
  15. Turn up the temp—literally. Specialists say sweating increases pheromone production, which are chemicals in your body that attract potential partners. So, turn off that AC and get to it!

Ready for More

If you like what you’ve read above and want more advice on kicking it up a notch in the bedroom, take a look below at some more helpful tips for great sex:

Increase Pleasure with the Best Sex Toys

As mentioned in the tips above, sex toys are always a great way to enhance your sex life and bring something new into the bedroom. In fact, you can even find a range of sex toys for couples! Get shopping today! If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

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