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3 Tips For Keeping Stress Out Of The Bedroom | Pleasure Planet

3 Tips For Keeping Stress Out Of The Bedroom

Sex is a healthy part of life, but when the pressure to perform or please your partner becomes too much it can be devastating to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If you’re having trouble staying relaxed and in the moment, read these three tips on how you can take the pressure off of getting intimate in the bedroom.

1. Try incorporating some toys into your sexual routines. Sex toys can be intimidating to first-time users, but their whole purpose is to enhance sexual pleasure and relieve some of the stress of pleasing your partner. Take some of the pressure off of yourself by incorporating small toys into the bedroom like vibrators, dildos or a pair of cuffs. Take your time finding the right one! Just the process of picking a toy with a partner is very exciting and intimate experience that can add some extra spice to your love life.

2. If toys seems a little intimidating right now, try some roleplaying in the bedroom. Roleplaying is an opportunity to learn more about your partner on a much more intimate level. Ask about their fantasies and play a part in their sexy script. Playing a character can take the edge off of yourself, so you can get lost in the fantasy and focus on pleasing your partner and yourself. Throw on a cowgirl costume, a police uniform, or maybe doctor and nurse’s couple set. You’ll have fun getting lost in the fantasy and each other!

3. Play a sexy game! Sometimes we feel stressed because we don’t know what to do in the moment; a sexy game eases that pressure by deciding the next move for you. Sex games are great for building excitement between you and your partner. For some, that feeling of surrendering and following the rules will drive you wild and have you waiting to see what is in store for you and your partner next. The anticipation of building to that special moment makes it all the better, we promise.

Spicing things up in the bedroom isn’t just fun, it can be extremely beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional health. That’s why we offer everything you’ll need to keep your bedroom stress-free, so shop at Pleasure Planet now!

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