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Sex Tips for Her | Pleasing Your Woman

Sex Tips for Her | Pleasing Your Woman

Sex Tips for Her: 15 Ways to Drive Her Wild

When it comes to sex, all men know pleasing their female counterpart is easier said than done. As men, we don’t need much to get off. But for women, it’s often a different story. Whether it’s not the right moves or our technique is a little off, there’s always a way to improve sex for her. Regardless of your performance, it never hurts to pick up a few tips and make sex that much better for your lady. Plus, better sex for her often translates to better sex for you.

So, whether you need some key tips on oral or simply seek to give your partner the best sex she’s ever had (again and again), these sex tips for her will surely help you make the right moves. Take a look below with Pleasure Planet and get ready to blow her mind.

15 Sex Tips for Her

From oral sex to full-on intercourse, and some fun in between, there’s plenty of things you can switch up and perfect to truly bring her to orgasm. Of course, some things will also depend on her preference, so be sure to take note of what she seems to like and keep at it. Now, let’s first talk foreplay.

Foreplay to Warm Her Up

Of course, it all starts with foreplay. Whether you start with a simple massage or kisses up the leg, you can do a few simple things to get her turned on and ready to go. Check out some tips below:

  1. Start with some sensual kissing. You can start from the neck down, or work from her legs on up. Be gentle and go slow, and really show her how much you enjoy her body.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask her what she likes. She’ll appreciate your interest in ensuring she’s satisfied. Then, you can’t go wrong when following her direction.
  3. Try teasing her a little. In other words, work the clitoris for a bit, then back off and go to another part of her body, then repeat. This will only make her want it more.
  4. Don’t forget about the rest. While the clitoris is going to be most sensitive, women like to have the rest of their body appreciated. Plus, there are sensitive nerves all over—especially her breasts. Be gentle and give more than just the nipples attention.
  5. Don’t rush things! Of course, we all can’t wait to get our turn, but you’re making this about her. Listen to her and go at her pace. In other words, if she hasn’t told you to stop, don’t!

The Best Oral She’s Had

The next step in foreplay is oral—and this is an area plenty of men go about all wrong. To ensure you hit the sweet spot, take a look at oral sex tips for her below:

  1. Before you head down, ensure your partner is comfortable. Tell her to sit back and relax. This can go a long way in turning her on and getting her in the mood.
  2. As with the rest of foreplay, always be sure to tease her a bit. You can kiss and/or lick her thighs, or start from the top and work your way down.
  3. As you get things going, always keep an ear out for her responses and reactions. When you notice one thing really excites her, or you hear some heavy breathing, keep at it.
  4. Use a vibrator! Sure, your tongue might feel good, but a vibrator can add that extra stimulation she wants. You can use the vibrator on her clitoris as you rely on your tongue for the labia.
  5. Kick it up a notch. Before you call it good and get to business, get her a little more worked up. Increase pressure and speed things up with your tongue before going all in.

Incredible Intercourse

In our last set of sex tips for her, it’s all about the intercourse. While foreplay and oral are still important, it’s the sex you really want to improve to truly get her off. To do so, take a look below:

  1. Talk dirty to her. However, choose your words wisely. You should have an idea of what she likes to hear, so be sure you’re not getting too dirty, but enough to turn her on and make her want it more. Whisper in her ear, tell her about her body, and how turned on she has you.
  2. Always pay mind to the clitoris. While it’s easy during foreplay, most men forget about it when having sex. But in most positions, it doesn’t get much TLC. So, be sure to pay mind to it as you progress. Start with soft slow touches, and speed things up as she gets closer to climax.
  3. Keep kissing! While you may not love it, most women do. Whether you’re kissing the back of her neck from behind, or the front, give her gentle kisses throughout.
  4. Again, pick up on her responses and reactions. If you notice a specific angle was working for her, stick with it. Of course, listen to her as well. If she wants it harder, do so. Of course, if you can tell she’s had enough of a single position, switch it up.
  5. Don’t stop until she does! Always bring her to orgasm first. If you’re focused on giving her the best sex she’s had, you can worry about yourself later.

Spice Things Up with Pleasure Planet

In addition to the tips above, remember there are always ways you can improve sex for the both of you[1] , and it’s not always technique. You can find a range of sex toys, equipment, and other fun things to bring each other to climax and keep things new. If you’d like some ideas, check out the links below:

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