Guide to Love Dolls

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Guide to Love Dolls

From countless types of dildos to extensive pocket pussy options, the sex toy industry is truly amazing. Now, both men and women can find more realistic love dolls than ever before. Though they’ve been around for years, today’s love dolls are quite unmatched when it comes to realistic sex toys. Providing the ultimate partner for singles, or a third party both partners can enjoy, love dolls have come a long way.

Whether you’re seeking a male or female love doll, you’ll find you have plenty of choices. Considering the many choices, however, it can be difficult deciding which love doll will suit you best. To help you choose, we here at Pleasure Planet created a guide to love dolls. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with such as your search for your very own partner.

What Is a Love Doll?

Commonly known as sex dolls, these typically life-like dolls come in a variety of options, but the most common and often preferred is the full body, realistic doll. Other options may include just the torso and genitals, or simply the genitals and “trunk” section. Full-body sex dolls, however, are quite unmatched. With poseable limbs, realistic breasts, and true-to-life genitals, there’s no limit to what you can do with a love doll. Want to get a better idea of sex dolls? Take a look at some below:

Types of Sex Dolls

As you can imagine, such dolls (whether full-body or just the important parts) come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and functions. Considering the material is often most important to buyers, it’s important to know your options. Take a look at the main options below:

  • Silicone: Typically the most expensive, and most realistic, silicone love dolls are best for matching life-like qualities and providing more pleasure. Some of these can cost thousands of dollars. As many will tell you, though, you get what you pay for.
  • TPE: Similar to silicone, but a cheaper option, TPE dolls are typically a bit softer. While cheaper than silicone, they still aren’t inexpensive. Again, these are more satisfying than cheaper options, however.
  • Inflatable: While you’ll find other love dolls made from PVC and other materials, inflatable dolls are quite common. The private parts will still use silicone or similar materials, while much of the body will inflate. These are great for those just getting interested in love dolls.

Buying a Sex Doll

In addition to deciding between the materials listed above, there’s a few other factors you should consider as you seek a love doll. Remember, you don’t have to go with the full-body doll. If you’re simply going for feel, a pocket pussy or realistic dildo may suit you just fine. Otherwise, consider the following:

Price: First consider your budget. This will determine just what kind of love doll you should look at. Again, a cheaper option may be a pocket pussy or realistic dildo. But you can also go the inflatable route, or find one that offers just what you need, like the torso and genitals.

Size: Price aside, consider how big you want it to be. Even full-body dolls range in size, so be sure to look at your options.

Features: Whether you’re going full body or just partial, think of the features you’d like. Some may have vibrating parts, while others will have bigger members or large breasts. You can even choose from porn star molds and replicas!

Don’t Forget the Cleaner!

Whatever sex doll you choose, be sure to purchase some cleaner to go along with. It’s always important to keep sex toys clean, and sex dolls are no different. You should clean them both before and after use. Also, only use water-based lubricants for your dolls, as these are suited for virtually any material. Finally, keep your doll stored safely and away to ensure it doesn’t contact anything that may affect the material. If you’re not sure what to buy, view our toy cleaners.

Find The Perfect Doll Today!

If you’re interested in buying a love doll, check out the options from Pleasure Planet. Our choice is great for beginner’s and even for those seeking a little more. Of course, we have options for both men and women, so check it out today!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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