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Buyer’s Guide: Best Vibrators for Couples | Pleasure Planet

When it comes to couples’ sex toys, you’ll find there’s a broad range of options out there. From simple toys to enhance pleasure to full-on sex equipment, you can find a variety of toys and items to bring a little magic into the bedroom. However, some of the most pleasurable, yet simple toys available are vibrators. Within this, there are several vibrators for couples, providing intense stimulation for both partners.

In short, using vibrators for foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse, is always a great option. They’re a simple way to try something new, and any couple can agree on a simple vibrator. Of course, it helps to know your options, as well as the most popular vibrators for couples, specifically. Take a look with Pleasure Planet!

Vibrators for Couples: Knowing Your Options

As you seek a vibrator to use with your partner, it may help to consider what you’ll be using it for, or even how you’ll use it. For instance, if you want a vibrator more for foreplay, you can get something a little more complex. However, if you want something to add to intercourse, a clitoral stimulator, or a simple cock ring, will probably do the trick. Nevertheless, this is all going to come down to your preference. Plus, you can always buy multiple vibrators for specific uses. To help you get an idea of what’s out there, take a look at the types of vibrators below (not specific to couples):

  • G-Spot: These have a specific shape, obviously designed to hit the female g-spot. They’re also quite simple, which makes them pretty affordable.
  • Realistic: Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. Just like it sounds, realistic vibrators resemble the look and feel of a real penis. Simple as that. As you can imagine, these (and others that are inserted) are best for foreplay.
  • Clitoral: These don’t have the typical shape of a vibrator, as they aren’t meant for insertion. While some vibrators have clitoral stimulators, these are specific to the clitoris. These are going to be best for intercourse.
  • Traditional/Straight: Simply designed with nothing fancy, you also have your traditional vibrator. These can be as simple as they get when it comes to shape, but they still come in different sizes and offer varying speeds.
  • Vibrating Cockrings: As the name suggests, these go right on the penis, and are designed specifically for sex. They vibrate the male’s penis, while teasing the female’s clitoris.

Best Vibrators for Couples

Now that you know your options, and have considered your preferences, picking out a vibrator for you and your partner is simple. To help, we’ve provided a list of the top sellers specifically for couples. Check them out below:

  • Ring of Xtasy: A vibrating cock ring, this is a simple choice that can go a long way. Plus, they’re pretty cheap! Slide it on, turn it on, and get to business.
  • Frisky Finger Massager: A great item for foreplay, or extra female stimulation during intercourse, finger massagers are always a good call. Again, simple and inexpensive.
  • Entice Ella (remote controlled): A remote-controlled bullet, all you have to do here is hold it to the clitoris during intercourse. Its small size makes it ideal for multiple positions.
  • Eva 3: The Eva is a clitoral stimulator that’s hands-free. The small arms reach around the labia, while the motorized body sits atop the clitoris, still allowing for penetration.
  • Lelo Insignia Tiani 2: These are designed to work similarly to the Eva above, yet one end is actually inserted into, leaving room for the penis.

Find the Perfect Toy at Pleasure Planet

Whether you’re looking for a couples’ vibrator or any other sort of sex toy, you can find it all right here at Pleasure Planet. Check out our wide selection of sex toys today!

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