Sex Lubes: A Guide for Beginners

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Sex Lubes: A Guide for Beginners

From masturbation to sex, lubrication simply makes it all better. Whether you’re using your hand, a masturbator, vibrator, or “going all the way”, sex lubes not only give you the lubrication needed, but they can completely enhance the pleasure. So, if you’re still reaching for the lotion every time you find yourself home alone, or need some extra help with your partner, sex lubes can provide much-needed help—and satisfaction. Of course, not all sex lubes are created the same, and you may find one that suits your preferences better than another. From scents and flavors to long-lasting lubes, there’s a variety of different kinds and the kind you choose will depend on a variety of factors.

As the ultimate online adult store, Pleasure Planet carries a fantastic selection of lubricants, and we know them best. For help finding the best sex lube for you, take a lesson in lubricants! Then peruse our online store to find the perfect one for you!

Knowing Your Options: Types of Sex Lubes

Keep in mind, aside from making both masturbation and sex more pleasurable, lubes can also help prevent irritation or discomfort. So, if you’ve yet to give sex lubes a try, now’s a good time to try one out that’s right for you. Let’s take a look at your options for sex lubes.

  • Water-based: Just as it sounds, these types of sex lubes are water-based, which means they’re safe to use on all type of toys, and they wash off quite easily. One downfall is they can dry out a bit quicker, but you can always add more.
  • Silicone: In contrast to water-based lubes, silicone sex lubes actually resist water, so they make great use in the shower. These lubes aren’t very safe for toys, but they totally change the way you have sex.
  • Flavored: Needless to say, these lubes are flavored. Considering this, they’re best for oral sex and that’s about it.
  • Warming: While these don’t actually heat up, warming lubes do provide a warm sensation, making them perfect for masturbation, but they can make sex more satisfying as well. Plus, you can find them water-based.
  • Anal: Lastly, you have sex lubes specific to anal play. These tend to have a thicker consistency and last longer—as necessary. Of course, anal lubes really serve one purpose: anal.

As you’ll see on our site, any sex shop, there’s quite a few more options as far as sex lubes go, but those listed above are the most commonly used. If you find something that’s not on our list, just do your research and ensure it’s right for you.

Buying Sex Lube: Our Top Choices

Considering how each lube almost serves a specific purpose, picking the one that’s right for you should be fairly easy. If you’re mostly using it for toys and mastubration, water-based lubes are going to be your best bet. As far as sex goes, water-based is still a good option, but silicone will last a bit longer. Flavored and warming lubes are more of a novelty item, while anal lubes obviously serve a specific purpose. We’ve laid out some options for each type of sex lube below:

Find the Best Sex Lubes at Pleasure Planet

There you have it: the ultimate beginner’s guide to sex lubes. Now that you’re educated and ready, be sure to check out our selection of lubes at Pleasure Planet, as well as our vast selection of sex toys!

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