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A Refreshing Idea of Cool Bedroom Fun in Hot Summer

It is completely natural to have an increased body temperature when you are getting hot and heavy with your partner or even going at it solo. When your hormones are blazing, your body is moving, your heartbeat is racing, and mainly, there is a lot of...

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A Thrilling Experience Around the House | Pleasure Planet

As the days get shorter, the temperatures get colder, and we all tend to want to stay inside more often as winter approaches. Whats more of a turn on than cuddling in bed with a little Netflix and Chill that is Pleasure Planet filled....

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Sex Toys - More Than A Solo Experience

Thinking about adding a new element into your sex life? Try lingerie, sex toys, and position assistants! Find out the benefits of bringing something new into the bedroom with our reasons why sex toys should be more than a solo experience. ...

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Your Guide to Squeaky Clean Sex Toys | Pleasure Planet

Remember when you were a kid and you just threw all of your toys away when it was time to clean up? Unlike those toys, it’s imperative to clean your sex toys thoroughly before their next use....

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3 Tips For Keeping Stress Out Of The Bedroom | Pleasure Planet

Sex is a healthy part of life, but when the pressure to perform or please your partner becomes too much it can be devastating. Read these three tips on how you can keep stress out of the bedroom....

Buyer's Guide: Best Vibrators for Couples | Pleasure Planet

There's a range of sex toys for couples, but some of the most popular are of the vibrating sort. Take a look at the best vibrators for couples right here....

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Tips for Great Sex | Ideas, Toys, & More | Pleasure Planet

Sex is great, but there's always room for improvement for both partners. To maximize pleasure, check out the tips for great sex here at Pleasure Planet....

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Best First Vibrator | A Beginner's Guide | Pleasure Planet

Choosing a new vibrator can be fun, but if it's your first, it can be difficult knowing which is best. For help, check out our guide at Pleasure Planet....

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Sex Tips for Her | Pleasing Your Woman | Pleasure Planet

Need to spice things up in the bedroom? Give your lady the best sex she's had again and again with sex tips from Pleasure Planet—from oral to intercourse!...

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15 Sex Tips for Him | The Best He's Had | Pleasure Planet

While plenty of men will take anything in terms of sex, many have preferences. If you want to truly please your man, check these awesome sex tips for him!...

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